sneakerwolf online shop sneakerwolf / Motoki Takenaka Artist Influenced since childhood by Japanese manga, anime and other mediums representative of Japanese culture, sneakerwolf [Motoki Takenaka] would acquire the skills and techniques of self-expression through reproducing the very works that inspired him in the first place. Throughout his adolescent years, he continued to be inspired by skateboard, graffiti art and American street culture. It was upon these foundations he was able to form his own approach and sense of values. Without any formal training or education in the arts, he would often find himself in an environment constantly expected to deliver, painting signboards or in-store murals as a graphic designer or tradesman. At the same time, through being inspired by the historical culture of commoners existing during the Edo period [Edo Moji, Ukiyoe] he was able to commence his own form of self-exploration through "street art distinctive to Japanese culture," his current theme of artworks. Through the struggle of trial and error, came to birth his original style of "Kanji-Graphy," to which was received by critical acclaim. From 2017, he started to accept himself as an artist, holding his own solo shows with Kanji-Graphy Art Exhibition “A” at Omotesando The Porter Gallery and Sendai Revolution. It was from this opportunity he was able to commence his career as an artist. 幼少の頃より、日本の漫画やアニメなど日本の代表するカルチャーに影響を受け、模写することにより技術や表現方法を覚え、思春期にはスケートボードやグラフィティアートなどアメリカのストリートカルチャーに傾倒し、現在の基礎となる姿勢や価値観を形成。 その後も芸術の専門的な教育を受けずに、看板のペイントや店舗の壁画、グラフィックデザインなど絵を描く職人として、常に結果を求められる環境に身を置きながら、同時に江戸の庶民文化(江戸文字、浮世絵など)に影響を受けたことがきっかけで、現在の作品製作のテーマになっている“日本の独自性を持ったストリートアート”を模索しながらアートワークの作品を製作開始する。 その試行錯誤の中で生まれた”Kanji-Graphy/カンジグラフィ“シリーズによって評価を高め、2017年より自らアーティストと名乗り、表参道The Porter Gallery及び仙台Revolutionにて、Kanji-Graphy ART Exhibition “A”個展を開催。これを契機に本格的にアーティスト活動を開始する。 Kanji-Graphy A series of artworks from sneakerwolf [Motoki Takenaka], a Japanese artist based in Tokyo. Originating from the Edo period, the Hanten [a traditional Japanese garment] was worn by fire-fighters, during festivals, and used as regular workwear, with worn out “Edo-lettering” being an iconic feature on the back of the respective garments. Drawing from these roots, sneakerwolf simulates this Edo-lettering together through fusing in letters from the Roman alphabet that actually spell out words in English; the result of which has an overall Kanji [Japanese characters] appearance. Through the combination of Japanese characters [Kanji] with English [Calligraphy], sneakerwolf has coined the phrase “Kanji-graphy,” serving also as the name of the series. The artworks is an expression of fusing together tradition and culture inherited from the commoners of Edo period, with the mind and spirit acquired through personal experiences of modern day street culture. The collection of artworks carries a theme of "street art distinctive to Japan culture" as a means of self-expression that suggests to transcend time and place. 東京を拠点に活動する日本人アーティスト sneakerwolf/MOTOKI TAKENAKAを代表するシリーズ。 江戸時代を発祥とし、火消し半纏や祭り、仕事半纏に見られるディフォルメされた伝統的な図案文字 “江戸文字”を、アルファベット(英単語、英文)の組み合わせによって、漢字のように構築し表現しています。 漢字(日本語)を意味するKANJI と 英語のCaligraphy(英語)を組み合わせた造語として、”Kanji-Graphy/カンジグラフィ“シリーズと名付けています。 江戸時代のストリートカルチャーであり、庶民が作り上げ受け継いできた伝統や文化と、自身が体験してきた現代のストリートカルチャーの姿勢や精神、表現方法を、時代や国を超えて融合させ“日本の独自性を持ったSTREET ART”を作品製作テーマとして表現しています。